About Canshines

Shanghai Canshine Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, being the first Chinese supplier for commercial & household washing solutions, we professionally focus on development, design, production and marketing of cleaning products. We own our specialized brand— "CANSHINE", designed for detergent industry. Our headquarter is located in Shanghai. We have plants in Zhejiang and Sichuan provinces, meanwhile we have logistic centre in Guangzhou, Ningbo and Chengdu, plus dispatch end terminals under internet service all over the country.

Being the witness and the performer for the development history of China commercial cleaning industry, Canshine devotes ourselves to offer our customers and partners on good quality, innovative products and high efficient, energy saving solutions. At same time, we promote to establish industry standards, so that the whole industry can develop harmoniously.

canshineCanshine keeps the green & friendly environment protection, and low carbon as our company idea, leads bio-cleaning as our new concept in the industry. We rely on our safe, high efficient, good quality and green environment products, offer our customers professional & particular solutions entirely, including laundry system solutions, fragrance, kitchen & toilet, kinds of surface solutions.

Innovation, cooperation, share and grown are our main melody for company development. New idea, creative products, high service level, reasonable process, these developments make Canshine to keep energy, and always keep leading position in the industry. Based on the principle of share, we integrate the global detergent industry superiority, and unite with these companies. We share our innovations and huge logistic net with our partners. We insist on sustainable development, response the request from customers and partners sincerely, dialogue honestly and respect each other, we grow up with customers and partners together.

Being a company with high society responsibility, Canshine follows the principle that safety and environment protection are always important than economy profit, we make safety, green products. During the production, storage and using process, we try our best to reduce the influence level to the environment.

Canshine keeps quality as our base, innovation as our driving power, environment protection as our principle, we try our best to contribute to the development of commercial detergent industry in China.